503-C Houston St., Rosenberg, TX 77471
Tuesday-Saturday 6a-5p
Sunday 8a-3p
Closed Monday
(832) 806-4724
Parking in rear


Relaxing Coffee House


Coffee has played a key role in our lives for many years. We date at coffee houses, we make decisions at coffee houses, we relax and unwind, we study and grow, we meet with friends just to “be” - all at coffee houses.

Coffee Shop to Socialize


Coffee is social. It’s personal. It’s intimate. When you stop to think about it, coffee is truly a profound beverage in the way that we gather around it. Coffee houses themselves can be places of sanctuary, of refuge, of renewal and rest.

Specialty Coffees and Teas

Specialty Coffees

At Holy Roast Coffee House, we take great pride in consistently serving you superior-quality specialty coffees in a way that makes your day better because you came in. We want you to experience coffee and coffee houses as they should be.

Coffee Shop with Food

Teas and Food

We also offer high-quality teas, a variety of pastries, and unique Panini and “Stuffed Breads" to round out your coffee house experience. Because honestly, who doesn’t want a little something to eat now and then when enjoying a great cup of coffee?

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